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Jacob’s garage door repair is a garage door expert located in Gilbert AZ, Serving the east Vally for many years. 

Need garage door repair near in Gilbert, AZ? You may experiencing any number of problems with your garage door. Perhaps it will not open, and you cannot get your car out of the garage. For this issue or any other problems, Jacob’s Garage Door Repair is only a phone call away, or you can contact them online. They offer several services to help get your garage door operating as it should.


Garage Door Cable Repair

A cable that is frayed or breaks is another service that is best left to a garage door repair company. Since the cable supports the weight of the garage door, if it breaks it could cause the door to suddenly fall. The cable itself can injure someone if it breaks because it will generally lash out with a lot of force.

Most garage doors have a cable on each side. If one breaks, the door will become misaligned and this causes it go be pulled sideways. This is another garage door repair Gilbert Arizona that we provide to have your door back on track and working correctly as quickly as possible

Repairing the Garage Door Opener

Our garage door repair services include taking care of any problems you may be having with the garage door opener. This can include the wall console or your remote, the circuit board, motor, or chain. If the door is not working properly, one of the most common problems is the sensors. They are located at the bottom of the door. When the beam is broken, the opener thinks that something or someone is stopping the door from closing. Another common problem that you may experience that will cause your door not to work correctly is damage to the sprockets or gears inside the motor that controls the opener. The motor will need to be serviced, and this requires someone who understands how these systems work. When this happens, we have the special tools and the expertise that it takes to get to the bottom of this problem. Sometimes the opener may not be repairable. If this is the case, we can provide a replacement garage door opener.

Broken Garage Door Panels

If you are looking for garage door repair near me for a broken panel, we can help. Accidents occur and when the panels become damaged due to someone backing into them, it is important to have them repaired right away. Most people think that a dented or broken garage door panel affects the looks more than anything, but letting it go can actually cause further damage.
Each panel provides support for the entire door. When one is damaged, it causes stress on the other ones, and the entire door can become misaligned. If this happens the track, rollers, and springs can become damaged from raising and lowering the door. We can replace the panels and prevent further damage to your garage door.
Replacing the Weather Seal

The weather seal on your garage door provides many benefits. It keeps the door from hitting the floor of the garage, and that can cause damage. The seal also helps to keep out the elements. The seal should be checked regularly because it is consistently exposed to the weather and will show signs of wear over time.

Replacing a worn weather seal is very important. Call our garage door repair experts when it comes to garage door repair gilbert. We will send someone to your home to change the weather seal, replacing it with a brand new one to keep your garage protected from the weather.

Broken Garage Door Springs

If your garage door spring is broken, many times the door will not open or only opens a few inches and stops. Repairing a broken spring on your own is not recommended and can be quite dangerous.

Even trying to open the door by hand can cause more damage to the door that will add to the cost of the repair. Using the wrong size spring is another way to damage the door and the opener. Garage door experts have the tools and the expertise to fix your garage door.

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Issues With the Garage Door Opener Remote

When your garage door opener remote is not working, this can be very frustrating. After all, you do not want to have to constantly get in and out of your car to open and close the door. This could be as simple as needing to change the batteries in the remote. However, if this does not take care of the problem, it could be the antenna for the remote or reprogramming of the remote might be required.

We can also replace a remote if it is has been lost or stolen and reset the opener. If your remote has been stolen, this will prevent anyone from using it to gain access to your garage and/or home. If it is misplaced and someone finds it, they will not be able to use it either

We Provide Emergency Garage Door Repair

It is frustrating when you are on your way to work or to run errands and you cannot open your garage door. We are open seven days a week and provide emergency repairs for garage doors as quickly as possible. If you visit our site, you will see that we offer some tips to try when you are having problems with your garage door before calling us. Often, it could be a simple fix, such as changing the batteries, that you can perform yourself. Some problems you should never attempt to repair yourself in the interest of safety. So we have included these as well. If you are hearing strange noises when attempting to open or close the door or changing the batteries does not work, give us a call. Our professional and affordable technicians at Jacob’s Garage Door Repair of Gilbert will locate the problem and get your garage door in working order as quickly as possible.
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