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A broken garage door panel is a big problem. If the damage is significant, the door will not open. This could leave you unable to get your vehicle into or out of the garage. To make matters worse, damaged garage door panels can leave your home vulnerable to intruders.

These are serious problems that need to be addressed right away. Our experience with garage door repairs in Chandler AZ 85286 tells us that our service is superior in several very important ways.

Fast Service is Essential

When you have a damaged garage door, you have an incredibly inconvenient situation. You may be unable to get your vehicle into the garage, or even worse, you may not be able to get it out. Everything is more complicated when you’re dealing with a damaged door.

The sooner a contractor can get to you, the better. Jacob’s Garage Door Repair makes it a point to get to our customers right away. We know have difficult it is to have a damaged garage door, and we will do our best to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

Of course, fast service doesn’t happen without fast contact. We’re available by phone during business hours, but you can get in touch any time of day by emailing us at You can also reach us through our web contact form.

Matching Skills Matter

Garage doors are large, prominent features on a home. Many of them face the street where they can be seen by passing traffic. When you have a damaged garage door panel, it may be easy to get a replacement panel, but getting the right one is a bigger challenge.

You need a company that can perform garage door panel replacement using parts that will make a good match with the remaining undamaged panels. This is partly a science and partly an art, and Jacob’s Garage Door Repair can manage the issue from both directions.

The biggest challenge in matching a door is compensating for weathering and age. We can install an identical panel and still not get a good match. We won’t leave you with a mismatched door. If the colors don’t match up, we will paint the entire door to get it looking right.

Look for Quality Installation

Garage doors are complicated fixtures. They have a number of moving parts that must function properly for the door to work effectively. Features like the springs are actually very dangerous if not handled correctly.

Your garage door contractor should be able to make the needed repairs without reducing the performance of the door. It should not drag, bind, or make noise. Your contractor should know how to make adjustments for ideal operation, and we can do that.

Our team will make whatever changes are needed to tracks, hinges, springs, and other components to isolate and correct any issues with movement. When we finish the job, your door will open and close smoothly and quietly.

Experience is Key

Because garage doors do require so much adjustment and precision, many contractors are too inexperienced to work out the kinks in operation after making repairs. In making countless garage door repairs, we have learned that patience is key.

We’ll arrive at your job ready to take the time to do the job right, and that does not end with getting the new panel installed. In fact, that’s just the beginning. We’ll patiently work with the various adjustments of your door to make sure that it operates as smoothly as it did before the panel was damaged.

One area where our experience comes in is diagnosis. Unless there is a known cause for the damaged panel, such as an impact from a car, it can be tough to figure out what has caused the issue. We have seen every type of alignment and operation problem imaginable, so we will have no trouble tracking down the problem that has damaged your garage door panel.

A damaged garage door panel creates a big disruption in your home. At the very least, you’re having to park outside in the Arizona heat instead of pulling into the shade of the garage. At the most, you could be without one or more vehicles until the door has been made functional again.

At Jacob’s Garage Door Repair, we understand the inconvenience of having a damaged garage door. That’s why we are easy to reach and quick to respond. We’ll get you a beautiful, functional garage door as fast as possible.

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