Garage Trim Replacement Gilbert, AZ 85295

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Fixing issues with the Garage trims’ is one of the most often tasks that we accomplish at Jacob’s garage door repair Gilbert daily. One such project we recently handled at the residence Gilbert AZ 85295. Though, it was not an emergency, the owner was concerned as the Gilbert’s weather is quite unpredictable.

So, we immediately scheduled a quick visit. On reaching the customers home we figured out that the Garage trim was really in bad shape and needed to be replaced.

We took all the measurements of the garage then took off the existing trim with a pry bar and hammer. On performing all the details and cutting procedures we installed the top piece of the trim first and then the other sides.

Our client was very enthusiastic and curious. He was keen to take useful information on how to make their replaced garage trim last for years.

We offered them all the help and information and left them more than happy and satisfied from our Jacob’s service.

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