Top 10 Facts About Your Garage Door

When last did you think about your garage door? If you’re like most of us, the only time you give it any thought is when the door jams or doesn’t work. In this post, we want to build a new appreciation for your door. We’ll have you seeing at it as your most valuable team player in no time.

The Garage Door Should be Maintained

Let’s be honest—you don’t really give your garage door much love, do you? We’re willing to bet that the last time you even looked at it closely was when it wasn’t working.

You don’t have to whisper sweet nothings into your garage door or anything, but you do want to give the thing a little TLC. That means regularly cleaning it out and making sure that the mechanisms operating it are clean and tidy.

From time to time, consider lubing the chain or springs to ensure that they’re in top shape. And, if you really want to show your appreciation, why not get a tech from your Gilbert garage door service out once a year to do a system check?

That way, you’ll be able to head off serious wear and tear issues before they shut down your garage. It’s also good practice for the smart garages we’ll see in the future.

LiftMaster Gear Replacement

Smart Garages are Already a Reality

MyQ® tech has been incorporated into LiftMaster’s openers since 2014. That means that all you have to do is download the appropriate app, and you can control the door from halfway around the world. From a practical perspective, the technology makes it possible for you to receive an alert if someone breaks in, or if you forgot to shut the door.

What Does “Garage” Mean Anyway?

Aside from a place where old projects go to die, you mean? The word itself is relatively modern. It wasn’t commonly used in English until 1902. Prior to that, the phrase was “carriage house.” Garage, we’re sure you’ll agree is a lot easier.

The word itself was derived from “garer,” the French word for shelter. Oddly enough, it took a while for it to gain popularity in England. The English were quite fond of their motor houses before they decided to adopt “garage” into their language.

Good Planning Makes It Highly Durable

In Southport in the United Kingdom lives a man. This man is the owner of the oldest garage that we know of. It was featured in a car magazine in 1899. What does that have to do with the door? Not a lot, it’s just a fun fact.

But it does serve to illustrate the point that great maintenance can keep your garage door in top shape. Now, we’d be very surprised if your door makes it through the next hundred years. Something is going to give over time. The springs will stretch or corrode, and something will break.

On the upside, though, there’s a lot that you can do to extend that lifespan. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your garage in top shape. Start by setting up a regular maintenance schedule.

The next step is to ensure that the garage is as neat as possible. More particularly, make sure that there’s a reasonable amount of clearance space between the mechanisms controlling the door and the items that you store.

It’s also good practice, to make sure that any needed garage door repair is completed as soon as possible. Call in your local Gilbert garage door service.

It Could Be Your Real Front Door

When you head home at the end of the day, do you use the interleading door from the garage? If you’re like 7 out of 10 people, your garage door is more of a front door to you. That’s because it wouldn’t make sense to close the garage and walk all the way to the “real” entrance.

That puts a somewhat different spin on how you’ll look at security going forward, doesn’t it?

Say Thanks to C.G. Johnson

Those of us who are old enough can actually remember a time when we had no remote for the TV. Thanks to C. G. Johnson, we don’t have to worry about that being an issue with the garage. Johnson invented the overhead garage door in 1921.

Oddly enough, Johnson admitted to being frustrated by always having to get out of his car to open the door. (Growing up, that would have been a job left for kids to do.) It annoyed him so much that he developed the first remote.

The Garage Band

Some of the biggest bands in our history practiced in the privacy of their garages before hitting it big. Metallica, Nirvana, and the Beatles were all garage band heroes. So, why not dig out that old drum set and relive your Rockstar dreams?

A High-Quality Door Improves the Value of Your Home

It sounds crazy, but it boils down to two things – improved security and curb appeal. A well-maintained, high-quality door will go a long way towards improving the value of your home.

Which Current Do You Use To Run the Motor?

The modern motors on the market have been designed to run a lot more quietly. Generally, though, you’ll need to choose the power source. You’ll have to pick AC or DC power. The latter is slightly quieter.

Consider the Business End

Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Why not convert a section of your garage? It’s a great place to work away from the hustle and bustle of the home.

Wrapping It Up

Your garage door requires a little TLC and the occasional garage door repair from a professional from time to time. Considering how well it protects your car or other assets, it’s worth putting the effort in.

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