What To Do If Your Garage Door Spring Breaks

Your garage door is one of the most reliable systems in your household. When it seems to have a problem, however, the entire household is immediately affected. Understand how to react if you suspect a garage door spring broken situation has occurred. The professionals at Jacob’s Garage Door Repair can assist you.

Verify Spring Damage

Check if the spring is damaged in the first place by looking for common symptoms. A gap in the spring’s length, for example, is a good indicator of a problem. It’s essentially snapped at that spot.

You may have heard a loud sound in the garage that’s similar to a “bang.” Springs under pressure will make these types of sounds.
One of the last verification tasks that you can perform is by pulling on the emergency line. It normally hangs down from the track with a red handle. A garage door spring replacement is definitely necessary if you pull on the line, and the door doesn’t react.

You may even notice some damage to the garage door itself. If you tried to open the door with a broken spring, the weight may have dented the material during the effort.


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Know About Repair Frequency

A garage door spring replacement project shouldn’t be a surprise to homeowners. It’s actually one of the most common repairs associated with the garage. However, knowing about spring lifespans is important.

Most springs should last about 10 years. These parts are made from high-quality metal. They can only last for a certain amount of time.

If you seem to have springs that wear out much more often, it’s time to inquire about improved materials or another installer. A decade span between replacement projects should be typical for any residential garage door. There may be an issue with the part, such as manufacturer defects, or with the installing party. Jacob’s Garage Door Repair can get your project completed with quality stressed on both parts and labor.


Clear Everyone From the Garage

If you’re definitely dealing with a garage door spring broken situation, ask everyone to leave the garage. There’s no reason why anyone should be in the garage just now. Most doors cannot be opened or closed with a broken spring. The door is just too heavy.

You simply don’t want anyone who’s unaware of the situation to accidentally activate the door with either the opener or manual methods. Further damage can occur to the door or even injure the person.

If you have multiple springs on the door, such as extension types, another spring might snap. There are safety lines connected to each spring, but you still don’t want anyone nearby if another spring creates that loud bang. Keep the garage closed until the professionals can be called.


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Contact Your Garage-Door Professionals

Call Jacob’s Garage Door Repair when garage door springs are necessary at your home. Our professionals have the education, training and firsthand experience to complete the job at hand.

Springs are naturally under a lot of pressure. It’s the professional’s job to ascertain the situation, remove the bad parts and replace them. They must follow strict guidelines when it

comes to tightening the springs into place. No resident wants to deal with springs that might slip during this process. Allowing the professionals to take over just makes sense from a safety and efficiency perspective.

Most professionals can make emergency appointments. Simply explain the situation so that you can receive the service that you deserve. The experts understand that a garage is inaccessible without that spring in place.


Learn About Different Springs

As you prepare for a garage door spring repair service, learning about the different parts available for your system is important. Your door might have either extension springs or a torsion spring.

Extension springs are found on either side of the door. They’re usually installed in multiple numbers, depending on the door’s weight. Lightweight materials, such as single-car garage doors, are matched with these springs for their reliability and low cost.

Torsion springs are another common part used on most roll-up doors. You’ll find them above the garage door in a horizontal position. When the garage is activated, it turns like a screw.

All of these springs are made of metal, which makes them vulnerable to rust and breakage due to age and wear.

Know a Great Deal

As you look for a quote on garage door spring repair, be aware of fair prices for the service. In most areas, paying up to $300 is typical. If you work with a company that charges a lot more than that amount, they may be adding services that are unnecessary in your case.

For extension springs, a large chunk of the price involves the labor. Our team must carefully remove the old springs and align the new parts.

Torsion springs are more costly, but require slightly less labor time. The technician essentially sets the tension on the spring and lets it operate as designed.

Keep up With Maintenance

Prevent excessive wear on your garage door springs by taking care of them. Ask our team about the proper lubrication that you can apply. Sprays are often easy to add to the springs, which allows the metal to move and flex without too much damage.

If your door is equipped with rollers, lubricating sprays are also great maintenance tools. Keep these nylon rollers smooth and friction free with regular lubrication.

Be sure to take care of the door otherwise by keeping any obstacles clear of the area. Avoid pulling or pushing on the door or rails too. The door may be a heavy item, but it’s relatively vulnerable if shifted out of adjustment. Always ask for a professional’s opinion if you feel like the rails or rollers are misaligned.

Contact Jacob’s Garage Door Repair today. Our team can help you with any questions about your spring and other components. Be a hero in your household so that accessing the garage is a breeze. Reliable springs keep everyone moving.

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